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Take the River...

Have you been on too many winding side tributaries in life?

Take the boat to the main river of transformation and manifestation of who you really are!

                 Be an Eco-Healer...

Become the medicine

the world needs!

“Connie heals people into their passion, purpose, and power.”

                      ...Barb M.

  • Are you searching for your own true nature?

  •       Do you want to be of service to your community?

  • Have a desire to serve the needs of the world around you?

  •      Are you interested in deep ecology as a spiritual path?

  •  Then learn to write a nature prescription for yourself and others! 

                                                   become an Eco-Healer

                                              BECOME THE​ MEDICINE THE WORLD NEEDS!


if you are....get in the boat!

"Long ago in a far-away place, yet near and dear to my heart, I walked for the first time through the shimmering Emerald Doors of the Amazon—the greatest expression of life on Earth. My life has never been the same."  ...Connie Grauds, Amazon Speaks

 "Connie is a healer's healer–it's an honor to work with her."

                                                      ...Teresa C.

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Take the River...get in the boat!

Classes, Workshops, Continuing Education, Certificates, Apprenticeships, Coaching, Consultations, Healings...with Connie Grauds

Create your own nature prescription...become the medicine the world needs!

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                      Take the River

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r at any age


                                  WHAT IS ECO-HEALING?

Eco-healing focuses on the important role nature plays in the promotion and maintenance of our health and the health of the world in which we live.

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